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1. Will the magnets hurt my mobile phone or credit cards? Can it affect the GPS on my phone?
Almost all electronics such as cell phones, iPods, flash drives, calculators and similar devices do not contain magnetic storage media which can be affected by magnets. We have tested the Running Buddy for 2 years with all types of credit cards and hotel keys and we have had no instances of the Running Buddy causing the credit cards or keys to become demagnetized. Is it possible that cards could become demagnetized? Sure it is. However, they can become demagnetized due to friction, heat, age and many other factors. In addition, the waterproof material used to create the RB helps protects your items held in the inner pocket. Now,electronic tape media could be affected, so if you still carry floppy drives, video tapes, cassette tapes or 8-track tapes with you, we recommend you not carry them in your Running Buddy. :)
Finally, the GPS on a phone works on satellite signals, not geomagnetic forces, therefore the magnets do not affect the accuracy of GPS.
2. What are the different uses for Running Buddy gear? Working out? Running? Traveling? Pet & Agility Training? Shopping?
We could tell you, but it might be easier to just show you -

3. I have a Galaxy Note 5 and my wife has an iPhone 6+. Which Buddy Pouch do we need?
For any of the Galaxy Note series phones and the iPhone 6+ you will need the Buddy Pouch XL
4. How much is shipping?
Order anytime and always receive £1.99 standard shipping per item on all UK orders.
5. What is your refund policy?
We want you to be as happy with your Running Buddy as we are with all of ours. If you don’t like it, contact us and we will refund the full price within 14 days of purchase.
6. When will I receive my order?
Your order will ship within 1 - 2 business days. International orders can take anywhere from 3 - 6 weeks for delivery. International First Class Orders are not trackable after leaving the United Kingdom. International customers purchasing directly from bluegizmo.co.uk are responsible for all customs fees.
7. How do I clean my Running Buddy?
We recommend hand washing and laying the Running Buddy flat to dry.
8. Can I wear this with my hydration belt?
Absolutely! In fact, the two work very well together as the Running Buddy's magnets can actually help keep the belt more secure in your waistband with less bounce.
9. How can I use my wired headphones with my Buddy Pouch?
Using Wired Headphones with the Buddy Pouch is simple the pouch has a small zip on the side for you to run your headphone leads out of.
10. I am a store owner or buyer and want to carry your products. How do I make that happen?
Contact us at suzi@bluegizmo.co.uk and we will get back in touch with you within 24 hrs.
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