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Womens Running 2017 Award

Exciting news! Another AWARD for the Buddy Pouch! 
Women’s Running voted the Buddy Pouch BEST in the Running Accessory Category for 2017!

This Mama Blog 2017


.......Since getting back into running after my spinal op I’ve got my eye on the Buddy Pouch. I do have an arm band and a bum bag but they just don’t work for me anymore. I go to the gym during the day when the boys are at school so need to take my phone & keys with me. 

The Buddy Pouch just sits over the waistband of you trouser so not bag banging about, or having to keep your keys in your pocket, it’s fab!

The Healthy Food Guide 2017

The Buddy Pouch made it into The Healthy Food Guide product list 2017!

Healthista - UK Top 10 

The Buddy Pouch is very excited that we made it to the Top 10 products for the Healthista 10 Best Christmas Gifts for Fitness Fanatics.

Great news with the Buddy Pouch winning the GOLD Women’s Running Accessory Award. Do watch the video to hear their comments!

2016 GOLD Award Winner!

Blue gizmo are proud to announce that we have won the GOLD Women’s Running Magazine Accessory Award. 

Such a massive achievement in the short time we have been available in the UK. Thank you to everyone who has supported us.

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The Buddy Pouch is a new and versatile pouch for all your outdoor and leisure needs. This belt-free pouch comes with two pockets and is made to fit the most popular phones, including the iPhone. The inner pocket is water-resistant and the pouch has a side zip through which you can run your headphone wires. Like I mentioned earlier, the buddy pouch doesn't have any belts. So how does it stay put? It does so with the help of extra strong magnets that keep the pouch in place no matter how hard you're running or exercising. 

A Simple 'how-to' Guide...

Revolutionary magnetic technology....

Just grab your pouch with all you need and go!

Just grab your pouch with all you need and go!

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