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“Had mine a week and I love it!! It's the best thing I've bought in a long time! I got the XL, I have an iPhone 6 and there's plenty of room. And totally waterproof as I got drenched on Saturday and phone and contents bone dry! Brilliant!! Can't recommend it enough :o)) x''

Sandra on 29th July 2015

“Angela recommended the buddy pouch to me for running, I love it! I love the separate compartments so that my keys don't damage my phone. It's brilliant when I walk the dog too, it keeps my hands free to throw her ball.”

Kerry D on 20 August. 2015

“Hi... I love my buddy pouch and running buds thank you! So much so I have just ordered the 2 other sizes of buddy pouch (one is for a friend's birthday). I am a horse rider and these are perfect for carrying various things when riding. (I have good intentions for starting running/walking to keep fit too lol). Thank you. Liz”

Liz B. on 20th June. 2015

“My daughter bought me one for Xmas after a lot of hinting I love it, my phone, chap stick, mints, key fob and head band all fit in it nicely !!! It doesn't move or bounce around when running and it doesn't annoy/irritate me like my arm bands / bum bags used to do !! X”

M andy 15th January 2016

“Been looking for something like this for ages. The magnets ensure that the pouch doesn't move around which is brilliant for long distance runs. Useful for dog walks, trips to pubs, gigs, whenever you don't want to carry around wallet, keys, phone stuffed in pockets. Looks good too. The 'man bag' problem solved!”

Jeff on 18th July 2015

“I am always skeptical about a product that is supposed to be fantastic, but this truly is. My OH has been moaning at me for months for tucking my phone into my bra. This really does stay in place. Just big enough for my keys and phone, comfortable to the point that I don't feel like I am wearing it. Love it, worth every penny.”

Amazon Customer 13th February 2016

“I love running and I love listening to music......having tried arm pouches and hand-holding my phone I had come to the disappointing conclusion the two were mutually exclusive.

Enter the Buddy Pouch!

I went for the i-phone compatible deal with the running headphones package.

You simply do not notice you are wearing it carrying just run and listen to your tunes.

The communication was instant and super friendly.

Cannot recommend highly enough.”

Dr. Dan Cattell on 13th January 2016

Running has changed over recent years and, more often than not, we don’t just step out the door and get going. No, we’re thinking about what we need to take with us and, like most things, this list of items is getting longer and longer. Keys,cash, phone and i.d card, and that’s only for the shorter runs. Like most people, on longer runs, I might use a water belt to carry a couple of bottles and a well-needed snack or gel but on shorter runs, my need to gather a few essentials is still of up-most importance.

I still need to take things with me, but I’d rather not carry them in a combusom hydration belt. I don’t need endless pockets, zips and front compartments banging against my hips and delicate private areas when I’m out for a quick five miles. In fact, let’s face it, some of these running belts are just a nuisance. They bounce up and down with each step, chew up the bottom of t-shirts and maul the tops of many a running shorts and leggings and, sometimes, just sometines, are downright uncomfortable as they slowly turn gradually around your waist. But what’s the alternative? I hear you cry.

Well, here at The Running Stories we’ve been able to get our sweaty hands on something, which can only be described as a little bit of genius, The Buddy Pouch.

Fitting neatly over the waist band of your shorts or leggings and held cleverly in place by small magnets sewn within the fabric of the pocket, The Buddy Pouch is capable of holding any large smartphone, keys and cash with ease. The Buddy Pouch is the perfect accompaniment to any runner and can easily replace heavy belts and awkward arm bands with ease.

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